Saturday, October 16, 2010

October 2010

So just a quick update in my life. Some of the recent things going on in my life from the begining of summer to now are: In june I started playing Football for the Maple Mountain football team. So the summer months and now have been mostly dedicated to Football. In August the first day of conditioning week which is technically the first day of football I did a sharp turn and ended up tearing two of the ligaments in my ankle and had to go through physical therapy to get back to playing Football so I was out for 4 weeks. We went 0-7 up untill 2 weeks ago when we won the first ever varsity football game in school history and since then we have beaten Ogden. This next week we play Spanish Fork. Another Big thing that has happened to me was I got in a car wreck and totaled are taurus luckily me and the other driver were fine and the day after the wreck I wasn't sore or anything and was able to play in the game the next day. So this is just a quick update in my life.

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