Monday, June 16, 2008

Why Never To Work At A SCOUT CAMP EVER!

Well in case any are wondering i was working at the scout Camp Maple Dell it was one of the dumbest things i have ever done. I got paid Crap and was gone Sunday evening until Saturday afternoon which keep me away from my family. They also treat you like crap. I worked in the trading post which was about the most boring things I have ever done because if any of you know me really well I can't sit still if I'm not doing anything. I was basically up at 6:00 and went to bed about 10:30. The told me I could get off work for the Wasatch Back Relay and are week long backpacking Trip a month before we even started and then this past Thursday they told me I would have to choose between the two times I told them I would decide. The moment they told me that I thought to myself and said I can still back out of this and quit. So on Saturday I emailed the head guy up there and told him what had happened. The next day on Sunday my immediate boss called me and told this big lie saying she never said anything like that or heard the business manager who was the one who told me that I would have to choose say that. I told her that I had applied to another job and had already made plans to do babysitting jobs she told me that I was leaving her in a tough situation this week. I wanted to yell and say if you actually worked and didn't go and do other stuff like go back to her tent and take a nap or go up to handicraft that they would be fine. We then ended the phone call. An hour or so later the business manager called and again lied about what she had said I wanted just to tell her that I could smell her excuses all the way from here. She then told me that I either had to pay for the shirts or return them. I am now going to hopefully work for Western Wats.