Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My summer plans

Well in case anyone is wondering what I am doing this summer I have one word work! I will being working at a summer camp called maple dell.

The real story #2

Okay In my last post i might have stretched the truth. The real story is that we all worked really hard and it was a team effort and those who have read my Dads blog he has done the same thing we all worked really hard and it was a good fight that we all helped to win. However I prefer the last story that i told you.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Real Story

It all started one night when my aunt Emily asked my dad, Kaylee, and I to go down to the field
of the Utah Blaze in between the third and fourth quarters to participate in a tug o war. All three of us were nervous. Kaylee and my dad were scared that we would have to face a couple of drunk guys. I was optimistic still. The time came to go down on the field we got down to the field looking for a bunch of drunk guys we then saw the three people we would go up against and relief came over all of us. There was a small girl maybe 5ft 2in in her twenties so we knew that Kaylee could handle her share then there was a short stubby guy so we knew our Dad could handle him. Then there was a man a little taller than me about the same weight and if some of you don't know i have been training for the wasatch back relay and we knew it would be and even match for me. The buzzer sounded in the distance and we walked out. We then picked up the rope and it began i had one foot on it's side and the other in front pushing and my Dad and Kaylee right behind me. I then did the unthinkable i shoved my dad and Kaylee out of the way and did it alone i was pulling my hardest and fighting when i got them across the line and the blood shot back to my hands and they killed. Then the cheerleaders carried me off the field I was then awarded my jersey for winning. If anyone would like autographs Just Call Me.