Sunday, September 6, 2009


So here is the story. As you may now there is a dance coming up called homecoming. I was planning on asking one of my closer friends that was a girl so I was planning on asking her so I decided how i was going to do it. I was going to trash her room. So I had it all planned and so I called her parents to ask them to get her out of the house so her dad said to come on Saturday at 3 so my friend Scott and me were going to go then and so I went and picked him up at 2:45 and we were just about to leave my house when I got letter from this girl she had her brother deliver it and so I read it and it said that she had found out from rumor (aka her parents) that I was going to ask her. She went on to say that you couldn't just go as friends that you had to go as a couple. after that it said that she wanted some guy from Springville or Mapleton to ask her. Just so you know we are at a brand new school so the chance of a guy asking her from Springville or Mapleton is pretty slim because no guy is going to ask a girl he doesn't even know. After that she went on to say that she thought it would be awkward if we went together to the dance. She also said that she wanted it to go back to normal and that she didn't want it to be awkward. After that she said that it would be best if i went with different girl to the dance.
After I read it as you remember I was with my friend Scott so I let him read it and we both started laughing at the letter because of how dumb it was and how shallow it was. So that night I had my other close friends come over and read it and they laughed at it to. So I decided that I was going to ask a different girl a different friend so I asked that girl and I am happy I'm going with that girl instead because I think I will have a lot better time with that girl.
Just so you know this girl is in my ward. So the week after this happened we had mutual on Tuesday so i had made up my mind that I was going to just ignore her because I didn't want to say something rude and make her cry so I just ignored her the whole time and after I got a text from her that said she was mad at me because I didn't even talk to her the whole time and that she wanted to talk tome and explain herself to me. So it was kind of bugging me because the letter didn't really make a lot of since so I had one of my friends talk to her about it and see why she said no. So they found out it was because her parents put her up to it which doesn't make a lot of since because they let her older brother date people in the ward.
So we went back and forth setting dates and she always found a way out of it. So one day I was texting her saying a time and a place and I suggested our church and she said her mom wouldn't let her go there so I replied back to her and said so your mom isn't letting you go to church now and she said no and she said her mom had reasons and the only place she could meet me was at her house which would of been awkward for me to meet at her house. So I asked why her mom wouldn't let her meet me at her at the church. So a few minutes later I got a call from her and I said to myself I don't want to deal with her right now plus I was at work so I couldn't answer my phone. So she left me a voicemail so I checked my voicemail and it was her mother getting after me for saying it would be awkward to meet at her house she also said that she wasn't going to get me anywhere except her house. So I was mad at this point because she was so scared to face me face to face that she had her mom call me.
So this is why you don't ask a shallow girl who thinks every guy within a mile radius of her to a dance. So this is a lesson learned.