Saturday, March 5, 2011

The World As I See It

So I have decided to make a post based on how I see the world going in the next bit. So in my economics class at school were doing research papers on the Economy and different things affecting it. I choose to do mine on gas prices and that has what led to me making this post. So here is my prediction of what is going to happen in the U.S. and the World in the next few years.

Starting within the next few months the U.S. national gas price is going to climb to around 5 dollars a gallon. This might not seem horrible for some of you but it's not the actual price of gas that is so scary it's what happens when it goes up that high. With gas prices climbing we have to worry about food and other goods increasing in price. This also affects how much we as Americans spend. With things going up in price people will begin to hold on to there money and not spend it which is not what the economy in the U.S. needs right now in the hard economic times. Because there is no spending on extra goods we will see the country go into a depression worse than what we see. I would not be surprised if during this time we saw the government start to fall apart because of the national debt. If it does collapse it will come close to it unless during the 2012 elections we elect a president that is smart with money. cough cough Mitt Romney. Unless we see a change in how things are run in the country it will fall apart because the dollar is decreasing in value and is going to be worthless. What I think needs to happen with money is we need to stop the Obama solution which is to print more, and start going back to the Gold standard. If we went back to the gold standard and all of the money we had was backed up by gold the dollar wouldn't suffer so bad. Back to the gas prices what needs to happen is the country needs to stop exporting oil, because we export enough that if we stopped doing it we would be able to supply our own country with oil.

As for how the World is going to go in the next few years I have one word to describe it WAR. Tension between nations is getting worse and is going to explode here in the next bit. The demand for oil is growing in every country, and the countries that supply the world with most of it's oil are becoming unstable because of civil revolutions in there countries. Just look at the stuff in Egypt. You might think that the our country is fine but we are far from it. Things in Wisconsin, Detroit, Arizona, and California are not going so good because of issues that we have with each other. In Wisconsin the Governor has taken it into his hands to fix the State debt I agree he should do this but not by firing everyone the state is going to suffer because of this. With teachers on strike none of the kids are going to go to school which means the parents have to stay home and watch them which means they aren't working and making money.

This is just a little prediction of what I think is going to happen in the World over the next little bit.